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How to Retire Carbon

1. Navigate to Carbonmark
2. Click "LOG IN"
3. Click a login method (social account, email, wallet)
4. Within the Marketplace, find a project you are interested in retiring and click the project card to see the project details.
5. On the project details page, click "RETIRE NOW"
6. On the Retire page, select the quantity of tonnes to retire.
7. Enter the "Beneficiary Name"
8. (Optional) Enter the "Beneficiary Address." If this field is left blank, the "Beneficiary Address" defaults to the connected wallet address.
9. Enter your the "Retirement Message" you wish to associate with this retirement
10. Select your desired payment method USDC or credit card. If you select credit card, you will be redirected to a Stripe payment page to complete your transaction.
Need USDC? See this guide to learn How to get USDC
12. Next confirm the transaction and give permission to the smart contract to transfer tokens on your behalf. Click "APPROVE" and then "NEXT" once the approve transaction completes.
13. Now click "SUBMIT" to submit the transaction. Note that for both the APPROVE and SUBMIT steps you will need to interact with the wallet you used to login.
14. When the transaction has completed, you will receive a Retirement Successful message with an option to view transaction on Polygonscan and see your retirement receipt.