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How to create and edit your Carbonmark profile

1. Navigate to Carbonmark

2. Click "PROFILE"

3. Click "LOGIN"

4. Click a login method (social account, email, wallet)

5. Complete Sign in steps. If using social account or email you will be guided through the connection process.

6. You should now be logged in to Carbonmark with a basic profile. Next, edit and complete your profile to access features such as the Portfolio page and the ability to Create and Edit listings.


8. Click the "@Username" field and claim your unique handle. Once created, the username cannot be changed.

9. Click the "Display name" field and enter your profile display name.

10. Click the "Profile picture" field and include a profile picture. Note currently this only supports URL hosted images.

11. Click the "About" field and add a short description about yourself or organization.

12. Click "SAVE CHANGES"

13. You may need to make adjustments. If required, update entries based on the error messages, and Save Changes.

14. Click "Confirm" to accept the profile changes with your account wallet. Note depending on your choice of login and type of wallet your confirm steps might be different then shown below.

15. Your profile is now set up and you are ready to use the Marketplace!