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Digital Carbon Retirement Verification

This document provides a step by step process to verify your Digital Carbon retirement. It links the transaction from KlimaDAO Retirement page to the Verra Registry.
  • On the KlimaDAO retirement page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘View on Polygonscan’ and open the retirement transaction.
  • Copy the ‘transaction hash’ from Polygonscan.
  • In the search result, click on ‘+’ and expand the project information.
  • Click on ‘more’ under ‘verified’ to reveal information on Verra retirement.
  • The ‘Valid batch serial number’ reveals the Project ID (VCS ID) in the Verra registry and the batch under which the retirement was done for the specified project.
  • In the serial number, with the format VER-XX-YY-ABC-XXXX, ABC is the VCS ID.
  • In the current example (screenshots above), for the serial number 11241-304324891-304380422-VCS-VCU-259-VER-CG-14-1052-01012012-31122012-0 the VCS ID is 1052.
  • Open the Verra Registry Project Search and select VCUs
  • Enter the VCS ID under ID in ‘Project Search’. In this case it is 1052.
  • The search may display additional projects as well. Scroll down to see the relevant project ID
  • There can be several batches of carbon credit issuances for a specific VCS ID. To identify the relevant batch for your carbon credit issuance, search in the browser (CTRL+F) for the specific serial number.
  • In this case, 11241-304324891-304380422-VCS-VCU-259-VER-CG-14-1052-01012012-31122012-0.
  • If not found, search for the same in the subsequent page of search results.