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Carbonmark REST API

Explore Carbonmark - View assets, prices, supply, activity and more
You can use the Carbonmark REST API to view assets, prices, supply, activity and more.

Reference documentation

You can find the latest API Reference docs of the Carbonmark REST API at
The root domain is always running the latest version of the code on the main branch of the monorepo. As mentioned above, any breaking changes and hotfixes will be tagged with a version number in the monorepo.
These are generated from an OpenAPI JSON spec that is auto-generated from our Fastify schemas. The raw JSON spec is not kept in source control-- it can be accessed at
Fastify schemas are co-located with the respective route handlers, except for the root OpenAPI config, which is located in src/plugins/open-api.ts. For more info, see the @fastify/swagger plugin docs.


You can find the code repository for the Carbonmark REST API in the KlimaDAO monorepo - each version number can be found under tags.